Grand in Neeah Aug 7-10


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40_8_logo.jpg 2104 GRAND PROMENADE PROGRAM (30)   2014 GRAND at DAYS INN  in NEENAH  AUGUST 7-10, 2014  $77.00 a night plus tax.

Pictures of King Days in Photo Gallery

 picture of Wreck V898 April 7th, 2014 (60)

 GRAND CHEF DE GARE Lloyd Granberg  Aug 2013-2014

Lloyd Granberg Aug 2013-2014

Grand Cabane Presidente

Grand Cabane Presidente Lisa York


La Societe des Quarante Hommes et Huit Chaveux





408logo6                                                            CLICK ON DOWNLOADS BELOW   CORRESPONDANTS CORNER Memorial Day (26)  CORRESPONDANTS CORNER 24 April 2014 (49)    CORRESPONDANTS CORNER April 12, 2014 (55) CORRESPONDANTS CORNER-March 29, 2014 (49)    CORRESPONDANTS CORNER March 20, 2014 (65)     CORRESPONDANTS CORNER March 1, 2014 (140)    CORRESPONDANTS CORNER Feb 23,2014 (97)    CORRESPONDANTS CORNER FEB. 19, 2014 (80)     CURRENT MEMBERSHIP Jan 25, 2014 (116)    CORRESPONDANTS CORNER Jan 11, 2014 (124)   CORRESPONDANTS CORNER Dec 14, 2013 (123)  CORRESPONDANTS CORNER Dec 8, 2013 (126)   CORRESPONDANTS CORNER Nov 30, 2013 (153)  CORRESPONDANTS CORNER Nov 9, 2013 (149)   CORRESPONDANTS CORNER 14 Oct , 2013 (159)  CORRESPONDANTS CORNER-Sept 30, 2013 (148)   CORRESPONDANTS CORNER Aug 20, 2013 (194)   GRAND PROMENADE PROGRAM AUG 2013 (268) CORRESPONDANTS CORNER-July 25, 2013 (195) ] CORRESPONDANTS CORNER July 7, 2013 (243)  CORRESPONDANTS CORNER June 2 (306)   May 13 CORRESPONDANTS CORNER (320)   Apri 13 CORRESPONDANTS CORNER (342)

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Don’t forget, if you would like The Grand Chef Lloyd at your function please ask a head of time so he can schedule it.

The Voiture in charge of a wreck needs to supply The Alter Cloth, POW-MIA chair cover and a Large American Flag.



    The Cabane has a new sub-folder under Cabane Officer titled Cabane Correspondants

La Societe des Quarante Hommes et Huit Chaveux

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New Photo Album some  picture of the Voiture 1080 and Tomah Wreck


Correspondants Corner



Grande Voiture de Wisconsin

La Societe des Quarante Hommes et Huit Chevaux

Grand Voiture de Wisconsin                                                     May 25, 2013

312 Hillside Circle

Johnson Creek,WI. 53038

Home Phone 920-699-5676       Cell Phone 920-723-0005                    










Format for Upcoming Non-filer Automatic Revocation List

Most tax-exempt organizations, other than churches, must file a yearly return or notice with the IRS. If an organization does not file as required for three consecutive years, the law provides that it automatically loses its tax-exempt status. Loss of exempt status means an organization must file income tax returns and pay income tax, and its contributors will not be able to deduct their donations.
The IRS will soon publish and begin maintaining a list, updated monthly, of organizations that have had their federal tax-exempt status revoked. The Nonfiler Revocation List will be available in two formats, Adobe Acrobat and Microsoft Excel. The list will be divided into separate lists for each state, the District of Columbia, and all other territories and countries. The list will provide, for each revoked organization, the name, Employer Identification Number (EIN), organization type (subsection code), last known address provided to the IRS by the organization, and the effective date of revocation. The effective date of revocation is the original filing due date, without regard to extensions, of the third annual required return or notice that was not filed.
In addition, a single list of all revoked organizations on the Nonfiler Revocation List will be available in ASCII delimited text format.

Jim Romnek
Grand Commissaire Intendant