National Box Car Association

The National Box Car Association (NBCA) is an independent association within the Forty & Eight which raises funds by selling Crew or Associate Membership Cards.  All funds raised by the Association are used within the year they are obtained.  The National Box Car Association supports several special projects at Promenade Nationale (National Convention).  Each year, a party for special children is planned at the host city.  These special children and their escorts are treated to lunch, train rides and entertainment provided by HOBO Clowns and bands.  The entire cost of this party is paid by the NBCA from the funds collected in their annual membership drive.  Another project at Promenade Nationale, is a monetary donation made to the local VAVS Hospital or Clinic.  This contribution usually goes to the Patient Services area.  The NBCA also contributes large amounts to the various programs of Voiture Nationale (National Headquarters), such as the Boland Nurses Training Trust Fund and the Charles Ardery Child Welfare Trust Fund.  Monies are also given to the other programs which my require assistance, such as the Membership Committee, Forty & Eighter Magazine, Law Officer of the Year Program and many others.